Raven Finegan

My name is Raven Finegan and I am 26 years old. I live in Colorado and love it here but I look forward to exploring other parts of the country and world someday. I enjoy EVERYTHING outdoors from taking my golden retriever puppy "Rue" out for walks and training sessions to sitting in the duck blind in negative degree weather. I have not grown up hunting my entire life and to be quite frank I am jealous of those who had that luxury. I have been shooting guns, fishing, and dreaming of hunting since I was a little girl. I remember begging my parents to put me in hunter safety the day I turned eleven. I completed the course and I was all ready to go...or so I thought. I had almost given up on the idea of hunting when almost ten years later I was introduced to waterfowl hunting. The moment I shot my very first greenhead I was addicted and I haven't stopped since. 

I have a unique set of hobbies, passions, and careers that I love and that help me share my love of the outdoors with other women. I am a Head Cheerleading Coach, a Social Worker, and a Mom to one sweet little girl. Although I have a busy schedule I never miss a chance to be out in nature whether that be fishing, hiking, hunting, scouting, or working on my photography skills. I plan to keep expanding my hunting knowledge and experience and to share my journey with others.  I hope to be an inspiration to other women entering the huntress community. I want women to know that it is never to late to try something new. Just remember: You can't measure or tame passion.