Nicole Stone

My outdoor adventure started as soon as I can remember walking. I grew up on a family dairy farm in Minnesota, where we spent all of our time outdoors.  My traditional outdoor hobbies were always whitetail hunting, waterfowl hunting, and fishing (including ice fishing) for walleye and pike.  

My adventures became much more exciting when I met my husband in 2012.  He started taking me on further adventures, like elk hunting in the mountains, mule deer hunting in the badlands, and fishing in Alaska.  With every new experience, my passion kept growing.

After completing my bachelor degree, I started my career working in the outdoors doing hardware on climate stations for North Dakota State University (NDSU). I simultaneously took course work to attain my Master of Natural Resource Management Degree so that I could establish authority in the industry. Fast forward to 2017, and I just left my career to pursue freelance writing and become even more involved in the outdoors.