Savannah Halstead

My name is Savannah Halstead and I am a twenty-one year old from Iowa! I currently am a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in biology. Growing up, my dad taught me everything I know about hunting and fishing. When I was about twelve years old, I joined an outdoors camp for girls where I was further introduced to the outdoor industry. 

I was introduced to hunting with guns, but after so many hunts, I still wanted more. At the age of seventeen, I got my first compound bow and developed an entire new love for hunting. Harvesting an animal with a bow is much more personal for me for many reasons. There are so many aspects that must go perfectly right in order to obtain a successful kill. 

My hunting career today consists mainly of whitetail deer and turkey, however I plan to experience as much of the outdoors and the wild game that make it up as I can. As a female hunter, my goal is to introduce others to this amazing industry and encourage them to find the love that I have in the outdoors! I have yet to find a better feeling than any I’ve discovered during a hunt. Hunting is a difficult, time-consuming art that I’m so fortunate enough to have been raised with.