Kristin Carlisle

Hey y'all! I am 26 years old and from sweet home Alabama. I am a wife, mother, K-3 teacher, and a passionate hunter. I didn't grow up hunting but was always interested in it. I was first introduced to hunting by my husband 9 years ago. Once I killed my first deer I was completely hooked. Fours years in to hunting I picked up my first bow and have yet to put it down. I hunt deer, turkey, hogs, doves, and ducks. Out of these turkey hunting has become my favorite, there is nothing like hearing that gobble early in the morning or hearing that drum before he comes in eye distance. I also enjoy fishing for bass and catfish. Last summer I started bowfishing and it's such a blast!! I have always been the only female on any hunting trip I have been on, so having a fellow female hunter to talk and hunt with always make for a great hunt. I am so beyond excited to be a part of this amazing group of women. They are so inspiring and have so many amazing adventures. It's so amazing to see women encourage one another to get out, hunting, and enjoy the great outdoors.