Jessalyn Wagar

My name is Jessalyn Wagar and I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Ontario, Canada. The outdoors have always been a major part of my life. Hunting and fishing were family activities growing up and continue to be today. Aside from spending time outdoors I am pursing a career in marketing. I also enjoy bringing the outdoors into everyday life with cooking, crafts, home décor, and fashion.

My passion for hunting began with waterfowl. In my early teenage years, I started spending my Saturday mornings in the duck blind with my family. In November we ventured back north to gun hunt whitetails. Every year I looked forward to spending time in the secluded thick forest, hunting land my family has been on for generations. From there my passion has continued to grow. Now I am challenging myself as a bowhunter and pursing a larger variety of wild game. 

I have three goals as a hunter. As a woman that started hunting at a young age my goal is to be a role model for young girls and women, encouraging them to explore aspects hunting. My second goal is to educate others on the aspects of hunting, from ethical kills to the basics. My final and most important goal is to continue supporting the conservation and protection of natural habitats. Millions of acres of habitat are lost every year. I am an avid Ducks Unlimited supporter and strongly believe as hunters it our duty to ensure the conservation of the land we hunt to pass down these traditions to new generations.