Allison Rauscher

My name is Allison Rauscher, I'm 26 years old, and I currently reside in small town South Central Wisconsin (born, raised, living, and loving). I currently work in the Emergency Department while going to Nursing school. 

I have been an outdoorsman for over seventeen years but hunting specifically, has always been my greatest passion. My dad took me hunting and fishing when I was very young, but at that age, I could not sit still to save my life. I got my first bow (a little youth Jennings) when I was 12 years old, and shot my first deer that Fall. I've been hooked and haven't missed a season since. I hunt whitetails and turkeys the most, but I've also hunted waterfowl, black bear, and antelope. However, nothing gets my blood pumping the way bowhunting whitetails during the rut does. My dream is to someday be able to take my Dad out west to bowhunt Elk. 

Throughout the years I have been involved with Whitetails Unlimited, assisting my Dad in running our Chapter banquet and volunteering at the South Central Wisconsin Deer Camp and recently, also became involved with RMEF in an effort to learn more and attempt to help our Elk population thrive. 

Being a female outdoorsman has always been something I have embraced. It's a unique but special feeling and through Sportswomen United, I hope to spread the word about what a wonderful thing being a female outdoorsman is, how important our part in conservation is, and what our future can hold. Although we are a group of (in my opinion, amazing) women, I believe that what we have to share can apply to anyone! Team member or not, I look forward to meeting other outdoorsman as well as encouraging other women and youth to explore the benefits and triumphs of conservation.